Navarre Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals NavarreFUN 4 ALL INFLATABLES

Navarre’s best Outdoor Movie Screen Rental company. We use only the best 15 inch speakers in the industry as well as 2700 Lumens projectors on our movie screens. Great sound and great picture for your best event idea.


Navarre outdoor movie screen rentals850-582-5003

Inflatable movie screens are perfect for birthday parties, “dive in movies”, school fundraisers, church parties, company picnics, charity events, and movies in the park. You can set up an outdoor movie screen almost anywhere including in a park, in your backyard, or at your business!

Navarre movie screen rentals, is here to provide your guests, great family fun in the comfort of your backyard. During your next event, treat your family and guests to a movie. Outdoor movie screen rentals will set up one of our big inflatable screens at the location of choice and project the movie of your choosing (DVD or BluRay even live viewing PPV). Each setup will include: the inflatable screen of your choosing, a commercial grade projector, DVD player, mixer and a premium sound system that will keep your guests happy from opening credits to the closing theme song.


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