Outdoor Movie Screen FAQ’s

Does my rental come with an attendant?
No, but if you would like a movie specialist at your event please contact us. 

How far in advance should I make reservations?
Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis and are not final until a deposit is made. So we recommend that once you have a date, make a reservation ASAP.

Is there a deposit?
Yes, a $50 deposit is due to reserve your date. The final balance is due at setup for your event. We accept cash and check only at delivery.

What time should the movie begin?
Images will not show up very well until 10 minutes after sunset. For the best possible movie experience we suggest starting the movie after sundown.

What about weather?
Backyard Cinema Rentals reserves the right to cancel an event if weather is possible. Our audio and video equipment are very expensive, so we will not take a risk.

Can you setup your screen on any surface?
As long as the area is level, Backyard Cinema Rental can accommodate most setup surfaces. If you are planning on setting up on a surface other then grass please let us know.

What is the setup/tear down procedure timeline?
We arrive at your event location before the event starts, and all equipment will be setup and checked at this time. Tear down begins 10 minutes after the end of your event, unless otherwise specified.

Do I need a movie license?
It depends on your event. If you are hosting a backyard event, you will not need a film license. However if your event is public then you will need a film license. You may obtain one by visiting www.Swank.com


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